Sunday, June 8, 2014

Glory Perceived

God is obvious for any who have eyes to see. God’s “invisible attributes...have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world” (Romans 1:20 ESV) and “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1a). For Christians, whose perception has been redeemed by Jesus' blood, though, seeing the evidence can still be tough. I don't know about you, but too many days my life is routine. My attention falters and I miss the message that creation declares, Glory!

The other day on my way to work at Biola I pressed pause and took the road less traveled. Rather than the short, direct path, I chose to walk through the park that runs along part of our campus. Walking on the pavement, between mowed grass and the cement-lined creek, I entered the tunnel under La Mirada Blvd.  As I emerged, I spotted a hummingbird hovering over the creek. It hovered in place, then up, then down, then side to side and then backwards. Hummingbird science shouted: Glory.

My attention heightened, I began to see. Green plants glowed in the morning sun. Water gurgled. A Mallard dipped its bill in the water. I was glad to have arrived early enough to slow down and enjoy the moment. This place, this beauty, this teeming life speaks. How had I not taken the time to notice its message? Glory!

As I continued on to my office, I began to realize how much I had missed, walking just to get somewhere and working just to finish something. Yes, even the work and play shout: Glory!

God is Creator and Lord of everything: algebra, knees, painting, dinner, medicine, puppies, engineering, and English class. While nothing in creation is perfect this side of heaven, even that which is desperately broken reflects glory as if by shattered glass. We only need hearts to see.

As for me, I'll be spending more mornings in Creek Park. How about you?

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